Thailand Industry Association

Chinese name Name (in English) Website
1 Thai Chamber of Commerce Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand
2 Federation of Thai Industries Federation of Thai Industries http:/
3 Thai Bankers Association Thai Bankers' Association http:/
4 Thailand Tourism Council Tourism Council of Thailand
5 Federation of Thai Capital Market Organizations Federation of Thai Capital Market Organizations http:/
6 Thai Stock Exchange Stock Exchange of Thailand http:/
7 Association of Listed Companies in Thailand Thai Listed Companies Association
8 Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce
9 Thailand Advertising Association Advertising Association of Thailand
10 Thailand Air Conditioning Engineering Association Air Conditioning Engineering Association of Thailand
11 Association of Thai Securities Companies Association of Thai Securities Companies
12 Thailand Software Industry Association Association of Thai Software Industry
13 Thailand Software Industry Association Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI)
14 Thailand Iron and Steel Association Association of Thai Steel Industies (ATS)
15 Thailand Travel Agency Association Association of Thai Travel Agents
16 Thailand Badminton Association Badminton Association of Thailand under The Royal Patronage
17 Thai Shipowners and Agents Association Bangkok Shippowers and Agents Association
18 Thailand Association of Consulting Engineers Consulting Engineers Association of Thailand
19 Thailand Cosmetic Manufacturers Association Cosmetic Manufacterers Association
20 Thailand Design and Object Association Design and Objects Association
21 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Electrical and Electronics Institute
22 Thailand Environmental Engineering Association Environmental Engineering Association of Thailand
23 Thai Pharmaceutical Association Faculty of Pharmaceutial Sciences,Chulalongkorn University
24 Thailand GS1 Industry Federation Federation of Thai Industries
25 Thailand Food Science and Technology Association Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand
26 Thailand Jewelry Research Institute Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand
27 Gold Traders Association Gold Traders Association
28 Thailand Real Estate Business Association Housing Bussiness Association
29 SME Development Association Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises Development
30 Thailand International School Association International Schools Association of Thailand
31 Thai Investor Club Association Investor Club Association
32 Thai Iron and Steel Research Institute Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand
33 Management System Certification Institute Manament System Certification Institute (Thailand)
34 Thailand Marketing Association (MAT) Marketing Association of Thailand
35 Association of Handicraft Producers and Exporters in Northern Thailand Northern Thailand Manufacturers and Exporters Association
36 Thailand Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association PPharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers Association
37 Thailand Population and Community Development Association Population & Community Development Association
38 Thailand Private Hospital Association Private Hospital Association
39 Thai Psychiatric Association Psychiatric Association of Thailand
40 Thai Publishers and Booksellers Association Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand
41 Thailand Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Association Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Association of Thailand
42 Thailand Work Safety and Health Association Safety and Health at Work Promotion Association (Thailand)
43 Thai Automotive Engineers Association Society of Automotive Engineer-Thailand
44 Thailand Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)
45 Thailand Telecom Association Telecommunication Association
46 Thailand-Hong Kong Trade Association Thai-Hongkong Trade Association
47 Thai Air Cargo Agents Association Airfreight Forwarders Association
48 Thai Animal Protection Association Thai Animal Guardians Association
49 Thailand Conference Translators Association Thai Association of Conference Interpreters
50 Thailand Registered Customs Brokers Association Thai Authorizes Customs Brokers
51 Thailand Auto Parts Manufacturers Association Thai Autoparts Manufacturers Association
52 Thai Broadcasting Journalists Association Thai Broadcast Journalists Association
53 Thailand Car Rental Association Thai Car Rental Association
54 China-Thailand Chamber of Commerce Thai Chamber of Commerce In China
55 Thai Contractors Association Thai Contractors' Association
56 Thailand Corrugated Paper Packaging Association Thai Corrugated Packaging Association
57 Thailand Direct Selling Industry Association Thai Direct Selling Association
58 Thailand Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Association Thai Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Association
59 Thailand Exhibition Industry Association Thai Exhibition Association
60 Thailand Fertilizer and Agricultural Marketing Association Thai Fertilizer and Agricultural Supplier Association
61 Thailand Food Processors Association Thai food Processors' Association
62 Thailand Frozen Food Association Thai Frozen Foods Association
63 Thailand Furniture Industry Association Thai Furniture Industries Assoction
64 Thai Garment Manufacturers Association Thai Garment Manufacturers Association
65 Thai Jewelers Association Thai Gem and Jewelry Trades Association
66 General Insurance Association Thai General Insurance Association
67 Thailand Gift and Prizes Association Thai Gifts Premium and Decoration Association
68 Thailand Rubber Wood Association Thai Hevea Association
69 Thailand Hotel Association Thai Hotels Association
70 Thailand Household Goods Trade Association Thai Housewares Trade Association
71 Thailand Latex Industry Association Thai Latex Association
72 Thailand Leather Products Association Thai Leathergoods Association
73 Thailand Life Insurance Association Thai Life Assurance Association
74 Thailand Institute of Logistics and Production Thai Logistics and Production Society
75 Thailand Motorcycle Enterprise Association Thai Motorcycle Enterprise Association
76 Thailand Overseas Fisheries Association Thai Overseas Fisheries Association
77 Thailand Packaging Association Thai Packing Association
78 Thailand Plastics Industry Association Thai Plastic Inductries Association
79 Thai Printing Industry Federation Thai Printing Association
80 Thailand Cold Storage Association Thai Refrigeration Association
81 Thai Rice Exporters Association Thai Rice Exporters Association
82 Thai Rubber Industry Association Thai Rubber Association
83 Thai Shipowners Association Thai Shippowers' Association
84 Thailand SPA Industry Association Thai Spa Asspciation
85 Thailand Stainless Steel Promotion Association Thai Stainless Steel Development Association
86 Thailand Sugar Production Association Thai Sugar and Bio-Energy Producers Association
87 Thailand Chemical Fiber Manufacturers Association Thai Synthetic fiber Manufacturers Association
88 Thai Tannery Industry Association Thai Tanning Industry Association
89 Thailand Cassava Association Thai Tapioca Association
90 Thailand Chemical Fiber Manufacturers Association Thai Textile Institute
91 Thailand Wood Industry Association Thai Timber Association
92 Thailand Tools and Mould Association Thai Tool and Die Industry Association
93 Thailand Toy Industry Association Thai Toy Industry Association
94 Thailand-American Association Thai-Usa Association
95 Thailand Venture Capital Association Thai Venture Capital Association
96 Thai-German Society Thai-German Institute
97 Thai Automobile Society Thailand Automotive Institute
98 Thailand to Hold Conference Thailand Incentive and Convention Association
99 Thailand Management Association Thailand Management Association
100 Thailand Productivity Society Thailand Productivity Institute